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the kid from the nanny mcphee movie is no longer a kid


he’s 23


i see no difference

I’ve never seen a grown man look so disturbingly like a small child.


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so remember yesterday when people were joking that the guy responsible for the Olympic Ring malfunction better get his ass outta Russia, i don’t think it’s funny any more guys… [x]


are you so sure

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Someone said that I looked like Mia Farrow today.

Reblog if you have met someone online that you would love to hangout with but they live too far away.

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reblog please…the media is asleep

"A puddle of the contaminated water was emitting 100 millisieverts an hour of radiation, Kyodo news agency said.

Masayuki Ono, general manager of Tepco, told Reuters news agency: “One hundred millisieverts per hour is equivalent to the limit for accumulated exposure over five years for nuclear workers; so it can be said that we found a radiation level strong enough to give someone a five-year dose of radiation within one hour.”

..and 300 tons of that same water has been pouring into the ocean everyday for God knows how long.

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Just to put a bit of a recap for those who haven’t heard or don’t know what’s happening: 

Basically, the core of the plant has melted into the ground. They have two options: Keep trying to cool it and prevent it going further, which they are doing with seawater. However, this now contaminated seawater is leaking into the ground- the water table and the groundwater, and is spreading. Probably into the ocean, or, into farmland. It’s impossible to know where it’s heading right now. The other option is to dig it up, but that would release a very very dangerous amount of radiation, both in gas/dust form, and to the workers. It would be another suicide mission and contaminate the air ever worse.

Their options right now are being weighed, as to what can be done. As it stands.

as of today, this disaster has surpassed Chernobyl in terms of airborne radiation:

These are far larger amounts than those released into the atmosphere in gaseous form: for example, more than 27 times the amount of cesium-137 released into the air in the first three weeks, or about 2.5 to 3.3 times, depending on the estimate, the total amount released into the environment from the Chernobyl accident.

the official press release source is here, with their proposed outline of action.

I don’t want to turn this into a major nuclear discussion but… well, you already know. 

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North Carolina Republicans passed a law allowing you to hunt with a silencer on your gun. Because venison tastes better when the deer is not surprised.
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My Fandoms Poop Rainbows: psychetimelapse: tharook: imoanandstuff: Why do girls still list ‘Lord…




Why do girls still list ‘Lord Of The Rings’ next to things they are interested in? Do they not realise guys haven’t seen that as ‘edgy’ or ‘attractive’ since about 2006?
The fact you enjoy one of the most successful book/films of all time does not make you stand out, alright?
Now, If you’d write how much you love the work of David Gemmell or Brandon Sanderson, then.. yeah, I’d hit it.

And here I was thinking that the list of things I’m interested in was a list of things I’m interested in.

But in all seriousness, a guy who is, in any way, impressed that I like any of the things he does is not someone I want to even associate with.

*blinks at fandom subculture, the huge majority of which is women geeking out with each other over media and turning out mindblowing quantities of art, writing, costumes, and other high-commitment tributes to the stuff they like*


and he thinks the only reason women express the fact that they like things is to hop on his dick?

He thinks all of that is for him?!



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