September 25, 2012




George Carlin was so special

in what way was Jesus assassinated? THAT WAS A PUBLIC EXECUTION WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

If you’re going to say Jesus was assassinated, then you have to say that so was, for instance, Mussolini.

Or Saddam Hussain.

And definitely Osama bin Laden.

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September 6, 2012

What if our pets are actually researchers.

June 21, 2012


Don Waisanen at Thick Culture highlighted Norm Magnusson’s I-75 project.  The project involves installing historical markers with a primarily political instead of historical message. 

About the project, Magnusson writes:

…unlike most artworks on social or political themes, these markers don’t merely speak to the small group of viewers that seek out such work in galleries and museums; instead, they gently insert themselves into the public realm.  ”Are they real?” is a question viewers frequently ask, meaning “are they state-sponsored?”  I love this confusion and hope to slip a message in while people are mulling it over.

These markers are just the kind of public art I really enjoy: gently assertive and non-confrontational, firmly thought-provoking and pretty to look at and just a little bit subversive.

Waisanen concludes:

That the project is as much about the use of wide-open public spaces as it is about the carefully crafted messages speaks volumes about how innovation may best work in our age. With so little room to communicate messages of social conscience in our message-dense environment, these signs are apt demonstrations of how to pick and choose a context for sociological critique.


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June 1, 2012

I couldn’t sleep last night because it was suddenly very disturbing that Henry VIII et all didn’t speak or write English that I would recognize.

April 11, 2012

When I was twelve or thirteen, my friend and I ended up having a discussion about movies. My friend mentioned that her mother had barred her from watching Titanic because of the female nudity.

Now that I think of it, that makes zero sense. By the time we were in middle school, almost all of the girls had breasts of some type. Why couldn’t my friend see the movie? She was thirteen, and if Titanic was out in theaters, she would have been able to see it.

If Kate Winslet had been rubbing her boobs up against the car window/Leo/the iceberg, then I could understand The Mom not wanting her daughter to watch it, but Kate’s just laying on the couch in that scene. She’s naked for artistic purposes, not because of sex yet.